Feel it all.

Client: Dolby

Focus: Brand Identity
For over 50 years, Dolby has been partnering with creatives to give audiences the best possible audio and visual experiences. To bring to life creative visions of all types - exactly as intended.

It was our goal to expand the brand's identity from a trusted, B2B industry partner to a culturally-relevant experience brand for the masses. To do this, we changed the narrative. We chose to own the moments we brought to life through our digital experiences. This new expression was visualized by leveraging the Dolby windows - making content and experiences in Dolby more immersive than ever. It instantly became possible for fans to connect to their favorite content like never before.
Our in-house team developed everything from a refreshed brand mark to cohesive design languages for all things print and digital. All influenced by the emotionality of our experiences.
Music, movies & tv, gaming and more - all in Dolby. The flexibility of the system allowed us to easily promote content with various partners on their own platforms.
Design: Peter Michaelian, Najwa Aboselham, Lien Nguyen, Brooke Stewart, Nina Luong, Jakub Siwak

: Todd Pendleton