Info & Approach

Hi there, I'm Andrew Durano, a freelance designer and artist based out of the Bay Area. Since 2014, I've collaborated with a range of dynamic studios and companies - big and small - in various industries to create meaningful experiences. I believe that these experiences are strongest with humans top of mind backed by informative data and findings.

That being said, my goal with every project is to explore with an open mind, solve for the end user and design with clear intentions. Whether it be branding, product design or campaign work I enjoy bringing this mindset into everything I do.


- Interactive
- Motion Graphics
- Mixed Media
- Illustration
- Out of Home
- Print
- Packaging
- Storyboarding
- Logo & Visual Identity
- Brand Guidelines
- Tone of Voice
- UX Guidelines
- Sonic Branding
- Toolkits
- Campaign & Marketing
- Conceptual Ideas
- User Interface
- User Experience
- Customer Journey
- Research, Interviews
- Onsite Integration
- Design Sprints
- Work Alongside Dev./Eng.
- Artist, Community Partnerships
- Vendor Engagements
That's about it for now. Thanks!